About two months ago, I held a session where bloggers and intending bloggers came together and asked questions about launching, managing and growing their blogs. From there, it has grown to become something bigger. I recently did a check and discovered that many intending bloggers from the session now have their blogs. Those who had blogs already doubled their efforts. And now, it's a big family of flourishing bloggers. I'm glad. Really glad.

After then, I got texts asking that the FAQ session should hold more often. I was supposed to think about it. But while I was on that, we just went low for a few weeks. Nothing happened on the page. At some point, I felt that was probably going to be all. At least, we had gotten tangible results from the session and everyone was just fine. Until deep down my heart, something tingled and I discovered that many bloggers actually struggle with consistency.

That Consistency is the major reason why you need a Blog Growth Plan.

By consistency, I mean that it is not enough to just launch a blog, buy your domain and hosting, put up ten to twenty random articles and then you do not show up afterwards. It is also not enough that you just keep moving in a circle with your blog without recording tangible progress. I decided to do a survey and there, I discovered that many bloggers around actually face this. So I chose to bring up something, and revive the community.

Like these bloggers from my survey, I have faced my own battles with consistency in publishing blog articles before now, so it is not a strange thing. Many times, it's not creative block. You just lose interest, find joy in something else, forget the blog because of discouraging visits, traffic issues, low engagement or even low income generation (if your blog is already monetised). Honestly, anything can frustrate you in the course of running a blog and make you become inconsistent and lackadaisical about it.

These are just few reasons why people lose consistency in blogging. But the truth you probably don't know is that when you press on, working things out on that blog, you'd see the results. And just like a plant, your blog can grow if you water it (put in the right effort). Then, all those good reasons that made you abandon the blog can become reasons why you'd always want to show up. This is why we are launching the Blog Growth Plan (BGP).

The Blog Growth Plan (BGP) is a 30 day programme that involves consistent, daily tasks and activities to help you improve in your journey as a blogger. So, if as a blogger, you have been epileptic in running your blog, you can participate in the Blog Growth Plan and work towards a revival. For 30 days, every participant will receive tasks to help you grow your blog. To stay true and accountable, everyone also has to give daily reports on their progress. 

In Ajulu's words, these daily tasks and activities will press your neck. You must be willing to do the work if you need the results. You may choose to be unserious, but I can assure you that if you do not respond to the tasks in two days, you will be out on the third day - we are still friends, right?😂. You must also give reports on your task progress every day. This is so you would know what you're getting into. One general task is that, you must publish at least one post daily. There are other specific tasks for each day. So, even if you don't make any progress (which is impossible if you duly follow the tasks), you would have published 30+ new articles. That itself is progress😊 

That said, if you truly need your blog to grow by joining my Blog Growth Plan, you must meet these criteria:
  • You must own a blog - Blogspot, Wordpress, Medium, Substack... whatever blog it is, come as you are.
  • You must be thirsty for Growth and Blog Progress
  • You must be willing to take actions and perform ALL requested tasks.

The Blog Growth Plan will start off from the 19th of October, 2021 and run through till 17th November, 2021. If you'd like to join the Blogging Hub and participate in the Blog Growth Plan (BGP), simply send me a message here, introducing yourself. Your introduction MUST also contain your Blog URL and anything else you think I should know.

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I hope to see you soon. Cheers!