This is coming as my review of the first quarter of the year.

From happy new year to the many resolutions, 2021 started out fine for me. I was prepared to please God, meet targets, strike goals and make more money. I did in the little way I could. January was just fine as I was working with five different establishments at the time. My work at these offices was a shift kind of job so I could go to work today, spend two to four hours (at maximum) and be back home to my full time media job. The only thing that matters is that you resume as at when due and meet up with deadlines.

In February, I started feeling weak. I did not meet up with my personal resolutions for the year especially as regards pleasing God. This was because work was taking so much from me. I decided to quit the most tasking of all. At this time, I fully had Mondays to Wednesdays for work and all others to myself.

While I was happy to have that much time, I fell sick.

No. It was not COVID as the title of this article reads. I only chose to compare because in my ill state, I wondered how much pain the average COVID-19 infected individual would feel. There is this usual thing said about the strength of one's immune system - that was one reason why I thought so hard. I recall the first time I took ill (as far as I could remember). I was in Junior Secondary School 1 and in boarding school at the time. That was where I discovered my phobia for anything pins and needles. My mother still recounts the experience where she had to hold me down to the bed alongside two stronger people. In the end, I was only lucky that the syringe did not break into me. I still think about it again. That was too much drama for malaria

Sadly, that was not the last time. In my third year at the university, I fell sick again. This time, it was a variant of malaria and at the health centre, I was told that it was so dangerous that it could affect the brain. I never heard of such anyway. I only remember that I had just won an election at the time and my entry into office made me do just so much around. It was the beginning of a new session too so I was to resume with the freshmen. That was when I fell ill.

I still remember how I was carried out of my hostel. Two guys practically carried me. They were there all through and they pinned me down to the bed when it was time to take the injection too. It sounds funny as I write, but it was quite terrible. I only had to choose between living and losing life. I chose to live.

The second incident made my first time of being admitted in the hospital. Since that incident, I always try to take precaution. It makes me feel so bad that each time I hear that someone is sick, or that another needs some money for an operation, I may not be able to bear it. I hate the look of blood too or anything gory that has to do with health. So each time, I always pray for good health - for myself and everyone.

I've heard some personal COVID-19 stories and I must say that it boils down to the fact that God's healing power must not be neglected for any reason. If you never had a cause to believe that God heals, it certainly is because you have enjoyed good health for this long. The saying that good health is underrated and that money cannot buy it is indeed true. I would have loved to share my mom's story here too, but it is just fine to draw a close here since it's a summary of my first quarter of 2021.

In the midst of these, I struck my goals and met my targets. One of which was successfully leading my ministry's web platform in an evolution from a static website to a high traffic blog. There, we generate rich godly and inspiring content for believers and individuals searching to know God. We also got approval into Google's Adsense 😀. Another notable progress we made was starting to take investments at KoloNigeria.

This Easter, I was reminded again that there is complete healing in God and there are promises of divine health. You can stick to these promises and be whole. God desires that you are healthy because your efficiency and prosperity in everything your hands do is dependent on your health. I'm taking this lesson for the new quarter and sticking to God's promises and completed work on divine health.

PS: If you wondered why I was off social media at some point, you know why now.😀

Have you ever taken ill? How did you handle it? What are your thoughts on God's healing power and divine health? Share with me in the comments. I'd like to read from you!