This topic may be controversial or not. How you see it means a lot, so you can either take a break here or continue reading.

I believe decision making is one of God's greatest gifts to man. The position of your will in choosing what is right and wrong makes you a really strong creation of God. Everytime in our lives, we have the ability to choose what happens to us (except during childbirth and death) .

When making these decisions, the heart and the brain are two useful parts of us that influence the decision we make. So,  each time,  there is a choice to listen to your heart or listen to your brain. 

The brain works with facts while the heart works with faith. I think this is why to see always told to use your brain whenever it looks like you're trying to make a foolish decision. 

Now,  it's not a bad idea to live your life based on decisions that people call foolish. Most times, you are just seeing what others do not see.