Today is October 16th, 2021. This time last year, it was Adeniyi Victor's birthday. I remember I sent him wishes of a long life and prosperity, made prayers and hoped to see a better, bigger Victor in the new year. At the time, I also honestly hoped to see him. It was the lock down and there were restrictions, even though we were in the same state. We somehow found a way around it and decided to meet. 

Victor had gotten a new camera at the time. I remember how that he told me he wanted to get the camera to boost his productivity as a creative. Victor kept saving up and the day he mentioned it to me, I had prayed that God help him get the camera miraculously. That's how we had always prayed about even little things. So when he saw a post online about a brand new camera giveaway (run by an influencer) for a price lesser than the actual price, we knew God was at work. He won the giveaway and paid far less than the original price.

When we met, we basically talked about God and life. That meeting was supposed to have Arogunyo Dayo, a third friend but he was not in Akure at the time. I recall that we had called Dayo on phone to know if he was around. We had the meeting, lost track of time. From 11am, we left the spot at about 4pm. Many beautiful things we discussed that I may not be privileged to share here.

With all that I've known in Victor as a friend and brother, it was a shock when I was told he was dead. The day was Monday. 12th July, 2021.

I want to share a few lessons from my relationship with Victor as a friend and brother. I'm doing this to find total peace and in some way, pay respect to him.

1. You can make anything happen through Prayer.

Victor was my first prayer partner. For everything about our lives that happened to us, we practically prayed ourselves into it. While we were much younger (in secondary school), he attended the Redeemed Christian Church of God while I attended the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. However, we regularly attended our different church programmes and many people around us at the time knew that well. On days when we had free time, we would trek distances to pray, or go to either of our churches to pray. I remember a small room (teenage hall)  at Victor's church at the time where we prayed and could literally perceive smoke from.our mouths and bodies. The experience made us forge further into the depth of God. Everything else, from our admission into school, businesses, organisations and projects we launched, relationship life... we prayed every single thing.

2. Celebrate People while they are alive

One minute, Life. The next minute, LIFE.

Victor's death has taught me to do much more as regards celebrating family and friends while they are live. You see the truth is, people have a lot of good things to say about you but you do not have to die before they tell you those good things.

I started writing this blog post since July 19th and each time I picked to write, I go teary and drop it again. Now, I have come to know that the devil thinks he won. But, No, he didn't. There is much more.
If you are reading this and you probably know Victor in person too (or not), kindly drop a few words in the comment section to pay your respect too. 

May we be privileged to run our journey in line with God's purpose