If you know me really well, you probably know that I love writing poetry. Sadly, for many reasons I don't seem to understand, I took a long pause from writing poetry - almost three years. When I crossed the one month mark, I thought that it was only a creative block. Then it became two, five, ten months and then three whole years.

During the COVID-19 Lock down,  I stumbled upon my poetry notes dating far back as Senior Secondary school. I discovered that I have been a really great poet (if you permit me to sing my praises). So, I recently thought to compile a good number of these poems into a book. 

The Title, Poetic Prophecies is a compilation of poems that cover about fifty poems with a wide range of topics - from God, love, war, economy, family and much more.

Today, as I launch this book, I have put in a wealth of poetry experience of about five years. Of course, I write better now than in those past years, but then it is really worth it. I have reviewed the poems to make them publishable. Some of these poems were published on my account at Non Doc, an Oklahoman Online Journal and a good number used to be on my blog at the time. You have them all in one piece now.

Read, enjoy and share your thoughts with me. You can Download Poetic Prophecies by clicking here